Jul. 4th, 2016

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The convention was good. We made a lot of money. It was a lot of work, but I found out there's a kids' room (door! toys!) that's open at inconvenient hours (like 8-noon) so I didn't get to actually take KB there this year, but that will be helpful next year. Also there's a daycare there with drop-in rates so that could work too. The pool is lanes-only and had no kids playing in it, so it wasn't fabulous, but she did get more comfortable with her little life jacket thingie.

This year we took turns running around with her and I carried her on my back several times while selling cupcakes on the cupcake cart. (She loved that so much that she started calling me Ride. As in, "Who's that? Is that Mommy?" "Ride!") The only problem with carrying her was twice she got sick of it and started hitting me on the head while screaming ALL DONNNNNE while I was trying to sell cupcakes to people. You haven't lived til you've made change in that situation, I'm telling you.

I tried to teach her the types of cupcake, but the best I could get her to say was people! cuppycake! By the end of the con she'd heard the word so often that she'd started saying it correctly. (She said cuppycake because that word is in a song Sandy sings her.)

She had what seemed to be a cold at the beginning of the con, but slept horribly the whole convention and then woke up screaming (and oh do I mean SCREAMING) with a fever the last night. Then she got diarrhia last night after we got home and now she's just sick sick sick. :(

Anyhow she had so much fun at the con...every morning she would climb into her stroller, wearing nothing but a diaper, and try to convince us to "Go! People! Down!" She loves people. And all their cool toys.

It was not so much fun for me...my feet hurt, and I feel like I was pretty much walking for 18 hours a day. This is not exactly true but close. I hate this con because the layout is so awful that we have to use the cart because no one can get to the booth. We might have to switch to this con instead of Total Con next year too and I'm like PLEASE GOD NO I cannot do TWO cons with the cart.

It was fun, sometimes - I got to see the end of a bunch of very cool LARPs with awesome costumes and really good NPCs and fun plots. I got to see all the wargamers and their cool toys.

But mostly it was chase baby, walk cart while carrying baby, force baby to nap, walk cart without baby, go get baby after nap, chase baby, carry baby and walk cart, force baby to go to bed, walk cart, pack up booth, carry huge boxes of cupcakes, sleep.

I would've much preferred a weekend with my cousins at the lake.

But on the plus side, we are closer to buying a car! So that is good. Another convention this weekend - in Lake George which is very convenient - and I don't have to go to this one. Hopefully it will be good - it's a new one. Then maybe we will have more money for a car.

Tomorrow morning at 7:15 a.m. Alice is getting an MRI to make sure that cancer (if it is cancer) has not spread to her brain. I'm working late that day so I can stay home with KB while Sandy takes Alice. On Wednesday, hopefully I will have the day off so I can stay with KB while Sandy takes Alice to pre-admission testing and admission to St. Peters, which they say could take upwards of 3 hours. Then they will slowly take her off coumadin so they can do a biopsy of the possible cancer on Friday. Here's hoping it's nothing. Doc says it could be stage 1 or stage 3, depending on whether the lymph nodes are "lighting up" due to pulminary fibrosis (which she also has) or cancer spreading. If it's stage 3, that's very bad and she has a 15 percent chance of living for 5 years. If it's stage 1, it's very easy to get rid of, doc says. There's still the possibility it will be nothing, as well. Here's hoping. I could REALLY go for a diagnosis of nothing right now.

Also on Friday Sandy will be baking. Then she'll be at the Lake George con on Sat and Sun. (Earning money for the car!) Hopefully I will go visit my cousins on Sun-Mon (my cousin is helpfully not telling me where he will be, when, or if he's available...), and hopefully everything with Alice will be fine, and we'll find a good car, and KB will be well, and all the problems in our lives will be resolved.

Today I am tired, but KB went to bed without any fight last night, and only got woken up when WW III happened outside. I got her back to sleep as soon as the idiot firebirds stopped playing with their firesticks and then she slept til 3 a.m., demanded milk, and was back asleep within minutes and didn't wake up til 9:30. Ahhh. It sounds like a lot of wakeups but compared to the last threee days when she woke up 6+ times a night (I am so serious) and required hours to get her to sleep, it was a great improvement.

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.


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