Feb. 25th, 2016

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KB is nearly 16 months old now. It's funny to look back and think I was worried because she was only saying 4 words. I have now officially lost count of how many words she can say, and she keeps surprising me with new words.
(I was faithfully keeping count until maybe a week ago...then it was just like "oh and this? and this?)
I think actually she's been talking all along...we just couldn't understand her. For example, she's been saying "Ah DA!" for months. We used to say it was her favorite sound. Seriously. Since like nine months old. She would sing it while doing things she loved: Ah da, ah da, ah da. We would talk back to her: ah da? ah da!

Now she says it a leeetle more clearly....and it's Ah DOOOO!


"I do."

Well, isn't that a surprise. As she grabs the spoon/toy/diaper/whatever out of my hands...

This weekend I learned that she could say "bath." (Well, "baf.") We walk into the hotel, me pushing a trolley stacked with stuff, her riding in the carrier. She sees the pool and starts shouting. Baf! Baf! Baf! Pointing. Twisting her body. We get into the hotel room, which has a sliding glass door overlooking the pool, and she runs over to it, banging on the glass. Now she's chanting. Baf! Baf! Baf! I ignore her, trying to unpack the trolley so I can get the pack and play set up for her nap. So she comes over to me, shouting baf!

"Yes, I know. After nap."

She drags me into the bathroom, points to the tub. "Baf!"

Me: "Yes, I know what you meant, you just can't have it yet."


Me: Yeah. I thought you'd feel that way.

What other words does she know and just hasn't said yet?

The "bath" was a huge hit. She would've been happy to stay in it every waking second. We swam once Friday, twice Saturday and once Sunday. We stayed in Friday until she was shivering so hard her mouth was quivering. She still screamed like she was being tortured when I carried her out.

It was literally all she wanted to do. Whenever we were not swimming, eating or sleeping, she would go on "walks" with people and take them directly to the pool. Over and over. And then point at it and try to entreat them to take her swimming.

We brought her monkey (a back pack stuffed animal with a long tail that her chaperone can hold on to) and she loved it. She loves her monkey and sleeps with him (the tail detaches) and she insists on having him buckled on to her. It makes it much easier to keep her from walking off while you stop to talk to someone for a minute. (She still walks off but at least you know when the tail starts to leave your hand.)

The convention was somewhat exhausting...nothing was childproof, not even the hotel room (filled with cupcakes in boxes). So I had to watch her every single second she was awake. I couldn't even leave her while she was in her high chair, because the only chair in the room was too wide for the straps and I was afraid if she moved the whole high chair would fall off. So I couldn't, say, put her in the chair with some Cheerios and then go mix up her yogurt and applesauce or cut up some fruit.

Needless to say it was tiring. But she had a great time. She was NOT a fan of sleeping and one night it took us more than TWO HOURS to get her to fall asleep for the night. I'm telling you, when we got home and I was able to put her right down, it was such a relief.

Hopefully it will get easier.


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