Jan. 1st, 2016

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W had a fun New Year's Eve, though not a fun Dec. 30. KB stayed up til midnight, screaming if we did anything but let her play. Rocking, singing, nursing, feeding, leaving her in the crib...epic meltdowns. I even let her cry for 15 minutes but she was just completely losing it so I gave up on that.

She finally fell asleep around midnight and woke up screaming twice in the night. So by morning we were exhausted and when she napped at last on NYE, we napped too. This led to us not getting ready for the party until she woke up, and so we ended up arriving late to the party we were co-hosting...oh well.

Anyhow KB had a lovely evening playing with the other kids and refused to sleep. REFUSED. So she stayed up til midnight which seems crazy, but I do have to say she was not cranky or misbehaving...even when she got so tired at about 12:30 a.m. that she started crawling. She was like the energizer bunny. Must...keep...moving...

She watched Wayne & Scott's dance and she was stunned by it. Mouth open the whole time. Wayne pretended to be a little kid waking up on Christmas to find a huge present, which he opened to reveal...Scott the dancing puppy! KB was like, OMG, there was a person in the box! And now they're dancing! WOW!

She got a bunch of presents too - books and clothes. She loved the books. Jane made her a book with a zipper, and a bear that comes out of a sleeping bag, and two racing cars that actually move...it's really cool.

But I am lame because we didn't get home and in bed til 1:45 a.m. and KB woke up three times and I had to leave early for work. Ugh. Tired whine moan.


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