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Hosted a great party last night for the Camarilla, except only the Schenectady County people came. That was okay though, because those are the people I know best and like to hang out with, so all was well. And anyway I discovered about ten minutes before the party started that we owned only 12 forks, so it was good we didn't get 13 people.

(It was funny. I searched everywhere for additional forks and finally gave up and just announced, "The 13th person to arrive, if a 13th person arrives, will just have to eat with a spoon."
At which point Crystal grabbed a spoon and gave back her fork, so I said, "Okay, the 14th person must eat with a spoon.")

Really this was funny at the time.

Arun brought a spicy Indian thing, biliyani or something like that, anyhow chicken masala with rice is what it is in English, and Gerald made spicy enchiladas that were OMG incredible, and Josh made an elaborate crockpot stew that cooked for hours and hours, and everybody else just brought cookies or pie or desserts...we had so many candy/dessert items that we were too full to enjoy them all.

AND I managed to give away all of the booze I don't ever want to drink, so that was a great success. I went around asking people, "Do you like Bailey's Irish Cream?" And they would say, eagerly, "Yes!" To which I said, each time, in a very heartfelt way, "Thank god!" and I would produce Bailey's for them. An entire shelf of the fridge cleared in one night. Hurray!

Josh broke out the wine and beer and I even drank half a glass of something that didn't taste awful. Seriously. It was amazing. Unfortunately I have no idea what it was.

We played wii (except, sadly, I missed that because I had to run out to get a curtain rod...long story) and Taboo (Crystal and I tied) and Quelf, an AMAZING new game that I have to own because it would be so much fun at family holidays. I can't even really describe it...but it was GREAT. And it appeals to everyone: people who are good at quiz questions, people who can quickly come up words, people who would prefer to make a Halloween mask and wear it or eat chocolate and a pickle at the same time (wait, is there anyone who would 'prefer' that?), people who like to take photos of people doing such silly things....

A good time was had by all. Well, except possibly Arun, who stuck it for perhaps half the party and then vanished to watch a Hindi movie instead. (To my cats' delight. They found all the strangers terrifying and were much happier curling up with him on my bed.) But Arun said he was happy, so all is well.

We also got the old couch into the basement after measuring it to determine it would fit down the back stairs with half an inch to spare. We had to carry it out of the house, down the sidewalk, around to the back door, down the back stairs, halfway up the inside stairs, and then over. Sadly, we somehow took a chunk out of a piece of floorboard in the living room while we did this. We'll have to figure out how to replace a board. Anyone know how?

We have a space heater down in the basement now, and a carpet and the other TV and my DVD player and VCR, as well the exercise bikes. I am so, so psyched. It's like an extra living room! And now it will be a warm living room!

The house is pretty much all set up now, with the new furniture and everything. We may be buying a new furnace, and we want to drill holes in the walls for blown-in insulation, but those are our only major plans for the winter. I think we can basically relax and enjoy the house now. We need to have lots more parties -- Sunday night was really fun. But maybe on Friday or Saturday nights from now on...the party didn't really break up til 11 p.m. which is really late for half the people in this house.


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