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Oh, and in an update on the bathroom: You can so totally see all of my taping. Every seam. Yeah. Ah well, on the plus side they are taped and sealed and painted with anti-moisture stuff and everything!

I did get better at it as time goes by, so if you look at the one at knee-level in the far corner, that one isn't as obvious. Ah well. It's only an aesthetic issue. At least the damn walls are up, and sealed, and painted. After New Year's I'll hang a ceiling and a real door (there's a fake one now, to the attic, not the bathroom) and then I'm going to do the walls in the big room and THEN I'm gonna hold a gigantic Project Done party and the whole world will have to come make admiring noises at the upstairs.

Possibly this party will be called the Thank God It's Over Party, but just as possibly it could be the Oscars party, considering the time period. :) Though, actually, I don't think we'll have the walls in the big room done by February. Whatever. Whenever it is, I'm gonna hold a huge party, get people very very drunk, and then make them carry all our desks and books upstairs to put in that darn room. And THEN, hahaha, we can repair the wall behind the furniture in the current office, and also clear out space so it's not crowded in there.

Slowly but surely, we're getting there. The kitchen walls are all repaired and repainted, and that looks nice. The upstairs bathroom is (basically) done now. The staircase is done. The porch is done - although did I mention? the new supposedly invulnerable last-forever deck paint is peeling?! yeah, but at least the huge holes in the deck ceiling are repaired, and a little peeling is way better than the disaster I bought! One-half of the garage roof has been replaced. The little room upstairs is done. My bedroom never needed any work, so really all we've got left is:
1. getting rid of the awful wallpaper in the dining room, and then painting
2. staining the baseboards in the living room and dining room
3. replacing the awful linoleum in the kitchen, and doing the kitchen trim
4. the upstairs big room
5. finishing touches in the bathroom

I mean, considering all the water damage when I bought the place, I['d say this is a huge improvement. Apparently it doesn't add to the value of the house, but humph! It should! It adds to my happiness, anyway.

I'm sure I'll think of more things to do to the house as soon as I've finished that list, but it is SO EXCITING to be down to just five things. Sandy and I have worked our butts off this fall getting things done.


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