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In response to a blog entry on that topic, I decided I'd write here about what I "plan" to do after the baby is born, perhaps so that I can have a good laugh later. I'll report back in a year on how all this changed.

1. Take advantage of my maternity leave to watch all of the Giants games this season, with the baby (the baby won't be watching, of course). Take lots of photos of her in the baby Giants gear we have, including the bed bag thing that looks like a football. Resist the urge to throw her like a football. Maybe even get Sandy to light a fire every Sunday night while we watch.

2. Enjoy the peace and quiet of a baby versus the current 4- and 5-year-old. Or at least try to remember the lack of peace and quiet.

3. Eat all my prepared and frozen meals, patting myself on my back for my preparation. Of course, I still need to make them. I've made three so far. Oops.

4. Actually stick to cloth diapering.

5. Leave the baby with someone when they offer and actually go somewhere with my wife. Sleeping doesn't count for this. Like, a restaurant. Or a movie. Or something date-like.

6. Figure out how to manage our finances with a baby so we can also afford regular dates and babysitters. Then actually leave the baby with the babysitters, go out with Sandy, and enjoy ourselves.

7. Next summer: Our plan is that Sandy will renew the JCC membership and spend every nice day by the outdoor pool with the baby, who will be old enough for floating around by then.

8. Which leads me to the most dicey part of our plan: Sandy will cut back on teaching, and instead do her cake work at night (rather than teaching) while I'm with the baby. During the day, she can devote her time to being with the baby while I am at work.

9.Take the baby on lots and lots of outings -- to see our family, to go camping, to go to lakes and rivers and libraries and parks and just generally everywhere, from the very beginning. Get her socialized and exposed to the world, right from the start, even though she can't talk yet or walk.

10. NO TV FOR THE FIRST TWO YEARS. NO SCREENS AT ALL -- INCLUDING IPHONES AND ANYTHING ELSE. This will be tricky, because we carry our iphones everywhere and use them all the time. But it's critically important to a baby's neurological development, or at least so they think right now.

11. Only breast milk for the first six months, followed by food to taste but primarily breast milk for the next six months. And then, if I can just keep going, breast milk to supplement food for the next 12 months.

12. Sandy's going to breastfeed too, from a little bladder with a nipple-like tube using my pumped milk. I really, really hope this works out.

13. I will faithfully pump, at work, at play, everywhere.

14. Next winter, if the baby seems adventurous enough, I am totally strapping on fake skiis and going skiing with her at the park. Hey, she'll be more than a year old. It's really just like sledding.

15. I hope I learn to fall asleep quickly. And I hope I don't break her.


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