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Sandy has a work friend who has a spouse who she is loosely in contact with, "loosely" meaning "friends on Facebook."

This person linked me into an argument she was having with an old college acquaintance over gay rights. He then kept messaging me privately, until finally I spoke with him briefly, realized I had been sucked into a worthless argument with a stranger, and blocked him.

But I keep thinking about it, because it was such a distasteful look into the Other Side.

His points:
1. "No one" in America objects to gay people or their marriages or their kids, and if the new law is passed, "no one" would use it to not provide essential services, such as medical help. He was silent on whether things like "being allowed on an airline" would be considered essential.
2. We gay people are "shoving our beliefs" down "their" throats by doing things like walking into a store that is obviously anti-gay, such as - this was his example - a Christian bookstore.
3. And we gay people are getting things that "everybody else" is not, such as:

- IVF treatment, which he claimed his son's godmother was able to get through her Navy coverage even though the military doesn't cover IVF. I looked this up. The military still doesn't cover IVF - for anybody, even gay people - but will cover such things if you were injured in the military and that's why you can't have kids

- Parades, which he claimed meant that NYC refused a parade permit to the St. Patrick's Day Parade organizers because they wouldn't let a gay contingent march. I looked this up. The NYC mayor refused to march for that reason, and then major sponsors (including Guinness) threatened to pull out, so they allowed it. No parade permits were denied by the government.

(His response to this was, "You are very good at researching, my friend.")

4. Then he said that being gay is a choice and therefore we could all choose to not be gay and we wouldn't need all these special things.

This is when I chose to tell him the conversation was over and blocked him.

Just sickening. I want to believe most people do not think like him.
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