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So tired today. Last night we watched the first of the two-episode finale for Flash and SOMETHING STUNNING AND HORRIBLE happened and so I said I didn't want to watch the second episode. So we switched to Arrow, which we are about two seasons behind in, and THE SAME STUNNING AND HORRIBLE thing happened.

OMG this is why I should just read books I have safely read a dozen times before, I know what I'm getting into then!

But actually right now I am rereading Moreta, which I stopped reading because I didn't want to read about death either.

I am surrounded.

So I took my phone on a pokewalk, and it died before I even got to the sidewalk.

It just wasn't my night.

I took Sandy's phone and took her character on a pokewalk while she made blue roses for a wedding cake, and in 40 min I hatched two eggs and leveled her. Only then did I realize I could've signed her out and signed into my account on her phone.


Then of course there was Trump's speech, which went on far too long and I ended up staying up way too late and today I am super tired. So of course I have tons I have to do.

On the plus side, at weigh-in today I had lost two pounds. 23 pounds to go...

And, thinking positively - I have an awesome playdate set up for Sunday, so that will be great. Hopefully we will also see Ghostbusters and Star Trek this weekend. Just two more days! And then the radiology appointment for Alice, which hopefully will be good...and Sandy's appointment to figure out what's wrong with her foot (whatever it is, here's hoping they can fix it before DragonCon!) and ugh this isn't making me look forward to the weekend after all. Let's focus. Playdate and movies. Yes.
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