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So tired. So that we can go see Peter & Anna (and everyone else) next weekend, we need to have everything done for the convention by next Thursday. Last night Sandy got half the cake balls done (stage 2 of the cake balls - in which the cake-frosting mix is rolled into balls) and I got a third of the chocolates done (half the cupcakes have chocolate toppers - Darth Vader, Serenity, Tardis and Dalek were the ones I was doing last night).

That took us about 3 hours.

Two more nights of that and we should be done. On Monday Sandy will spend the day decorating the cake balls (half are BB-8 and half are beholders).

It's more work than normal because not only does she have the big convention coming up, but the weekend after it is ANOTHER big convention. So I am making even more chocolates than normal. Last night I made almost 100 Darth Vader helmets, about 50 Tardis, 30 Dalek, and 30 Serenity because that damn Firefly-class ship is really hard to shape in chocolate. The wings always break off -- or the engines -- and we have to glue them back on with melted chocolate.

But despite that, tonight we are going to see Finding Dori. God I hope it is better than The Lobster, which I picked for our anniversary. It was...well, horribly violent in strange and unpredictable ways. We recovered by re-watching Star Wars 7 after KB went to bed that night.

Maybe I should just watch Pixar and Disney movies from now on.

Tomorrow night Sandy is making a special dinner for Mommy's Day, and then Sunday we're going to Six Flags for Mommy's Day, formerly known as Father's Day.

Then on Monday I should be able to finish almost all of the chocolates between KB's nap and after she goes to bed. And I'll still have Tuesday and Wednesday nights if necessary! (Which might be necessary, to fight with the molds for Chuthulu - his wings keep breaking off.)

It's amazing how much faster things have gotten. The crazy whirlwind plan for next weekend: go to Old Songs on Friday, camping Friday and Saturday nights, then drive to NH to spend Sunday and Monday with the family, then drive home Monday night. On Tuesday I go to work and Sandy gets things ready for the huge baking plan Wednesday. Everything needs to be perfect because, of course, on Wednesday she must also take her mom to the surgeon to discuss surgery for the probably-cancerous tumor in her lung. Which is estimated to only take an hour (plus an hour of driving time) but still, at best that's 2 hours of what is usually a very long baking day anyway. And who knows whether Sandy will be able to focus afterward. But she didn't want to move the date.

With the new wall ovens baking has become MUCH faster so - in theory - she could finish the baking in 6 hours. Which would be amazing. But assumes that everything goes perfectly and she does not, for example, have to make more frosting after underestimating how much she needs, or having to remake a batch of batter for some reason...and of course KB slows things down too.

Anyhow, I work next Tuesday and Wednesday and then vroom! Off to Dex Con for 5 days.

So I am tired but happy. Lots of great things coming up!


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