Dec. 22nd, 2016

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There has possibly been no other day that I have wanted to be home (in a happy way) as much as today.

It snowed overnight and Sandy took Katie Beth out in her skiis for the first time.

We had them all last winter and it never snowed.

Then when it really snowed for the first time this year, I took KB outside and she cried and begged me to carry her so that her (booted) feet would not touch the snow.

But Sandy bought a book ("Mickey Saves Christmas") that features skiing. When they read it last night, I told KB that she has skiis. Wow! So I got them out and put on her boots and strapped her in and she walked all over the house in them.

I told Sandy this morning that if KB wanted to go outside in them, she should take her and not wait for me. Because the snow is likely going to melt by the time I get home, and also it will be dark and cold then. If there is still snow on Christmas Eve, which I have off, I'll take her skiing. But I would hate to have her miss it just because I couldn't be there.

This is our general arrangement - KB shouldn't miss out on things 5 days a week just because I am not there.

So Sandy sent me videos and pictures of KB skiing.

God how I wish I were there!!!!!

If I were home, I would've taken her to the park where we could ski down some gentle tiny hills. I would've towed her all over the yard so she could practice her balance. It would have been THE BEST DAY EVER.

But I am taking heart from the fact that she loved it. There will be more snowy days. I hope. We don't need another 70 degree Christmas Eve!

Also it took me 2 hours to get to work so I'm like, really? I could've worked from home and then I could've taken her skiing on my lunch break! But after wimping out with the last storm, I felt like I had to make a better effort this time - and the roads looked fine. It was only once I got on them and discovered we were all going to drive 5-10 mph the entire way that I realized maybe I should've stayed home...


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