Jul. 30th, 2016

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What a week! Sandy is currently using my phone as a baby monitor but all is going well at Wayne's Birthday Part 1.

I packed everything in the push-cart so that she could manage KB, KB's stuff and the cake in one trip. Kb had a great time playing this morning (the theme is Wayne Con and everyone is playing games for points, with prizes to be given out tomorrow). She went down for nap in Wayne and Scott's apartment with no problem (hurray!) and Sandy used the app to link my phone and her phone, the one we use at hotels. Works like a charm. If my phone hears a sound, it calls her phone, and Sandy can listen and either hang up and go get the baby. She can even talk to her through it, though we sadly don't seem to have the sort of baby who will soothe from someone's voice. Either she's asleep or she's done sleeping and wants OUT.

She's woken up twice this week after sleeping through the night so nicely lately. :( Whyyyyyy. I was up with her for 90 minutes this morning. Here's hoping she sleeps when we abandon her with her grandparents for DragonCon! Although it's just four days - they can recover - the important thing is WE will sleep! :)

Tonight I'm going to Wayne Con as soon as I get out of work. Tomorrow, we will wrangle her at the birthday party together.

Plans: next weekend I'm taking KB to RI, where we will see the Favoritest Cousins Ever, otherwise known as "Hannah and Patrix." Sandy is staying home to work. The following weekend, we both have Saturday off and we're going to Glimmerglass alllll day while Christie takes care of KB and even puts her to bed for the night. (God I hope that goes well.)

The weekend after that is two more birthday parties, one of which is probably not very toddler-friendly, but whatever. After that is the Renn Faire, and then DRAGONCON!!!

I will miss summer so much when it's over. I look ahead to September and after DragonCon, it's just work, work, work.


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