Jul. 12th, 2016

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Oof what a month it has been! I must admit I am now looking at the next 6 weeks and thinking ahhhh, no vacation for awhile. Oh good.

This weekend is Tisha's house warming, in two more weekends is Wayne's birthday, and the following weekend is our big all-day date to see two operas at Glimmerglass. Then there's the Renn Faire. But, generally speaking, "nothing."

It's been a lightning round of vacation on steroids. I literally picked up KB at the babysitter and drove directly to RI when I got out of work Saturday. Got there just before 10 p.m. Left Monday night after dinner (and after returning to pick up things I'd forgotten, including MY WALLET which luckily Aunt Mary remembered seeing so we were able to find it).

When I said goodbye to Patrick, I said it had been a wonderful two days, and he said, "TWO days? It felt like 20!"

I decided he meant that in a good way. ;)

He also asked repeatedly if we were going to see him again "this summer or even this year." Oops. I'm sorry, kiddo. I used to see him almost every month...but then life got busy...like four years ago. Yeeaaah.

I am campaigning to have them spend a few days up here with us this summer. We haven't quite figured out how to get them, though. And of course their schedules and ours are packed. Sigh.

Last night KB fell asleep in the car about 9 p.m., basically slept through my carrying her upstairs, changing her and putting her in her crib, and stayed asleep until 9:30 a.m. When I went to get her she said she was still sleepy and wanted to stay in her crib (but also see momma, so she agreed to leave the crib). She was industriously working on the zipper of her sleep sack, which of course she wanted me to put back on.

She excitedly told Sandy all about the "pony" or "cow" that she rode and petted. (It was a camel.) She also told her about the gaffies (giraffes) and bears. What else rated a mention? "People! Hannah, Patrick, Hannah. Doggie. Barking. Stairs. Piano!"

I'm guessing one of the two Hannahs is really Anna. The doggie that barks is Aunt Mary's dog, who is a total sweetheart. KB LOVED her.

But mostly she loved the kids, and they were really amazing with her. They played with her and entertained her so well, particularly Hannah, that I was able to take a shower one morning and a (very short) nap one afternoon. KB wanted to do everything they did. Which is why in two days she managed to hurt herself about four times. It's hard work, keeping up with big kids! (And she was fine - nothing major.)

She didn't sleep well AT ALL, though definitely better when she wasn't sharing a room with the ever-fascinating Hannah. She rolled over at 2:30 a.m., saw Hannah sleeping nearby, woke up completely and spent more than an hour lobbying to have Hannah play with her. This included chanting "wake up wake up wake up" and "sleep big bed, BIG BED" and even hysterical screaming at one point. She eventually sort of slept with me, constantly turning and climbing and crawling and then sleeping briefly before doing it all again.

So I learned 20 months is too young for a sleepover. Ah well. She changes so fast, this won't be forever. It will be MUCH more convenient on trips when she can sleep in the same room as other kids. In the meantime I think I will invest in a small hanging-curtain thingie so I can create a little room for her. Because sleeping in the same room as the mommies seems to get the same eager reaction.

So - at various times I got to have really good (separate) conversations with Peter, Anna, Aunt Mary and James, Patrick and I built a salt-water-battery robot that worked briefly, and we went to the zoo.

It was SO COOL to hang out with Anna now that we can have full conversations in English. She remembers me even though I haven't seen her in 4 years and she even remembers the cake Sandy made for her 4 years ago.

Now I am tired but I'm at work til probably 10 p.m. or later so...coffee it is! I didn't manage to get home til midnight, fell asleep about 1 a.m.


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