Feb. 2nd, 2016

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Sandy has spent the last week going in when KB wakes up. We first explained to her that Mommy's milk has to sleep and won't see her in the night. (Lest you think otherwise, she cried and totally indicated she understood exactly what we were saying.)

And she immediately stopped waking up 3 times a night and is waking just once. And she went from being awake for 90 minutes with me to going back to sleep in less than 30 minutes with her. But she is insisting on a bottle...less and less each night though. Hopefully we will get her back to sleeping through the night soon!

She did sleep through the night Saturday and Sunday, but then she got her MMR vaccine Monday and had a lot of trouble getting to sleep Monday night and woke up at 6 a.m. (and Sandy got her back to sleep). Then she slept until 9:30 a.m.!

So hopefully the vaccine was to blame and she'll sleep through the night soon.

On her talking...Dr. Yan was concerned but said "I don't want to be harsh and say she's delayed." He notes that her comprehension is great, she can follow two-step commands, she can identify like everything on earth, she makes eye contact, she tries to communicate. Apparently if her comprehension was not good, that would be a worrying reason for her not talking. But since it is, he says she just needs more time to figure out how to make the right sounds.

So he wants to wait and see if she can say 10 words -- however poorly -- in three months when she's 18 months old. He said 5 words at 15 months is within the normal variation for children (the very edge of it, with the variation being 5 to 20 words).

Right now she can say up, all done (but usually signs it instead because it's just incomprehensible since she often babbles ah duh), cuh (cat) guh (dog), app-mm (apple). But three of those words came in the last couple weeks, so maybe she's on the brink.

She's definitely trying. She hands me silverware when we unload the dishwasher and yesterday I asked her to say each word. She tried to say "knife." (nie nie nie). I tried to get her to say bath when she wanted a bath. KB: bah bah bah...(pointing at bathtub) bah! Last night I gave her a little bit of ice cream and she signed more more more so I said more? Can you say more? She signed it. I waved the spoon enticingly and said, SAY more. KB: ma!

But they don't count until she says them regularly on her own, without copying us.

Other than that, she's great. Still in the 93rd percentile for height. She's 32.25 inches now. (up from 30.5 three months ago) and 21 pounds, which is 1 lb 4 ounces up and exactly on the weight gain line she's supposed to be on, for pretty much the first time. Dr. Yan was thrilled.

She helped me with all the garbage last night (by following me and watching me and carrying a cardboard box to the recycling). She tried to scoop the kitty litter when she saw me do it. (I probably should not have let her see me do that.) She even carried grandma's recycling bin back to her room from the back porch after I dumped it. She stood at the glass door and watched me happily as I carried out each bag. She was seriously delighted to be "helping." It was so much fun.

She empties the entire dishwasher now, too. Even the plates. I put her in the chair so she can reach the upper level. And she usually helps me clean up the whole playroom every night. I hand her toys and tell her which bin to put them in and she does it. Occasionally now I can even say, "Put all those balls in the ball bin" and she'll put them all in the right bin. Usually we have to do it one at a time. "Put that ball in the ball bin...Put that other ball in the ball bin...look! another ball! Where does that go?"

The books, now...the books she just cannot put away. Because she invariably sees one (or three) that she needs to read, right now. I have this problem too so I am sympathetic.

In other news...Sandy made two new awesome show cakes and people LOVED them. Robyn came with us to learn the ropes because she offered to help Sandy with an evening show this spring. Thank goodness she was there, because we got slammed! Sandy ended up with 14 scheduled consultations (though, sadly, somehow someone got through with a wedding date Sandy can't do -- usually we catch those and tell them we're booked, but somehow this one got through, so really only 13 consultations since Sandy had to cancel that one). And then another person emailed her, so that's 14 total.

This show is the biggest of the year for Sandy and she usually gets 7-10 consultations. So this was huge. I'm sure it was a reaction to the new cakes.

There was another cake artist there but she did demo cakes with silk flowers. Just silk flowers, draped along one side. It was really uninspiring. And her samples tasted terrible...dry cake, very crisco-y frosting. We agreed two of the samples had good buttercream, but OMG in comparison to Sandy? No contest.

Sadly, Sandy can't do a show coming up this month that is an actual tasting contest. I want her to do it sooooo badly! She would win, I'm sure she would. But it's the same weekend as TotalCon. So she'd have to leave Saturday night, go home and bake all night, then run the show alone. She decided in the end it wasn't worth it. I am so bummed.


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