Jan. 26th, 2016

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Somehow I've let KB get into a habit of nursing every single freaking time she wakes up in the night. It started when she was sick, and somehow it's just stuck.

So I spent the last three nights trying to lull her to sleep without nursing. This was a total disaster and we have both been awake for upwards of 3 hours in the middle of the night each night.

So starting tonight, Sandy is going to go in when KB wakes up, and give her bottles if she insists she's hungry.

I know she's not actually hungry.

But on the breastfeeding forum, it's suggested as a technique to break the habit of nursing to sleep.

She'll be 15 months old tomorrow! Way too old for this. So she's gonna get bottles, and the mommies on the forum say their kids gave up after about 2 days and started going back to sleep on their own if they weren't going to get to nurse.

I have to admit, I have made this worse by feeling guilty...I see her so little some days, I feel like the least I can do is be there when she wants me at night.

But we both need to sleep. Today I have had four hours and 45 minutes of sleep and I have to work for 13 hours. Plus driving an hour each way.

On the plus side, this means I can work a shorter day later in the week. But right now I feel so tired that literally it feels tiring to type this.

Yes. Even my fingers are tired.

She is getting to be more and more fun and her vocabulary is suddenly expanding. Three weeks ago, all she could say was up. Now she can say dog (guh - sometimes duh guh), apple (app-mm) and cat (cuh). And, of course, all done (her second word) but it's still nearly impossible to tell the difference between ah dun and ah dah (which is what she says all the time).

So that's five words, plus a couple signs (all done, more, hungry).

Jury is still out on whether she says mama. She can point to us if we ask her where mam is and where mommy is, and she knows which of us is which. But she doesn't say mommy and she doesn't usually say mama. But if we aren't paying attention to her at dinner (you know, talking to each other, WHAT ARE WE THINKING) and don't notice when ah dah becomes ah DUN, suddenly she will start shrieking mamamamamamamamama! Is she calling us? Unknown. She also does not do this at any positive time, such as: "Hello mama! So nice to see you!" So I don't think we're counting it yet.

I've been kind of freaked out about her talking, because I thought kids were supposed to say 15 words by 15 months. But then I read other things that said 5 words or signs (so, by that standard, she's at 7). And then I read another thing that said if kids were not talking much, but are using signs fluidly and clearly for specific communication, they consider that to be an indication that the child is naturally a "late talker" rather than developmentally delayed. Certainly her sign language is very clear and specific. The tongue tie is apparently also known for delaying speech. But we got that fixed at six months! Seems unlikely it could cause problems now, right?

And of course I'm still worried about the elevated lead reading from last fall. It was brief and not very high but still...

Anyhow, I was worried but in the last three weeks she's picked up three words so clearly we're on the upswing. I'm going to ask her pediatrician when we see him for her 15-month appointment on Monday. But if nothing else, nobody can say she hasn't been totally immersed in constant language. And I do mean constant. :)

And goodness knows she KNOWS lots of words. I couldn't believe it, when she started identifying things as I asked her about them in her books.

It's funny the things she gets wrong, though. She refuses to believe that the donkey is not a goat. She has interpretive dance arguments with me about it. She makes it very clear that donkey is NOT right. Sometimes she'll even say guh guh guh to try to correct me.

And now she is demanding interesting things...like climbing into the bathtub to demand a bath. She can't quite get into the tub alone but she tries, and puts her toys in there, and does interpretive dances to show us what she wants. If I put her in there but I don't turn the water on, she points to it and babbles urgently at me. She even knows what turns the water on. She tries to turn the faucets on herself. Luckily she's not strong enough. Soon I will have to keep the bathroom door closed to keep her from going in there, climbing in and turning on the water!


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