Jan. 19th, 2016

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I was reminded yesterday of a story from one of Sandy's cake students. When they were looking at daycares for their infant daughter (who is now about 14, my god!) their deciding question was, "And how do you read to the babies?" The daycare they chose was the only one that didn't say something along the lines of, "They're babies! We don't read to babies!"

The winning daycare explained that every day, each baby got one-on-one reading time, with the same book as all the other babies, so really they heard the book many times a day.

That sounded pretty good to us before we had a baby. Now - I asked Sandy yesterday - could you imagine Katie Beth getting only ONE book a day?!

Now, at 14 months I suppose she's not quite a baby anymore, but she was turning pages before she was 2 months old so I know books have been big all along. We generally read her 10 books a day - all her choice -- and usually one of those books is read over, and over, and over. Every book has to be read at least twice, and sometimes 10 times or more, until we hide it when she's not looking.

Obviously every baby is different. Her favorite things are books and going outside. (And, of course, putting anything in and out, and dancing to music.) Actually dancing to music might edge out going outside right now. It's cold outside so she has to bundle up, which takes more than five seconds and therefore is not to be borne. Dancing happens every morning while Momma gets dressed. And does not require any special clothes. And I'm sure every daycare does reading and dancing and going outside and playing. But I'm glad KB gets to bring her mommies books every day and get them read to her, rather than waiting for the one book of the day!

Which also reminds me - when A was in preschool, at one of the freakin' best preschools in the area - possibly THE best, but maybe Montessori has it beat - they also read one book a day. I know this because each week, the star of the week got to have her special person do the daily reading, and I was instructed to bring just one book. I negotiated for two because one was very short. Later in the day they did do stuff related to writing and learning letters, so there was literacy education, but not BOOKS.

What do I know? I'm not a teacher and A sure did learn her letters and sounds and all. But one book a day seems crazy to me.


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