Jan. 12th, 2016

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CPS rang our doorbell yesterday.
Child Protective Services.
There on an investigation for a "possible abuse or neglect complaint."
The guy introduced himself, asked who we were, seemed confused when we said we weren't foster parents, and then looked at KB and said he was here about "another foster child, not her."

We were like, oh she is OURS, not a foster child.

So, what was the complaint?

That Sandy had taken a picture of A naked in A's bedroom.

We had to laugh. Why would anyone want a photo of a 4-year-old? So in any case, we told him neither of us took naked photos of A or E. And the guy told us that even if we had, it wouldn't be wrong.

"Parents take naked photos of their children all the time," he said.

Really? Of 4-year-olds? I mean, MAYBE, if KB was doing something super cute, and happened to be naked at age 4...or was in the bath...but we don't take naked photos of her even now. There's a sort of naked-baby cuteness that goes away. Or maybe that's just us.

Anyway, the investigator went on to say that he didn't even know why they took the report, because there's no alleged wrongdoing. And that A would be interviewed at DSS and then he would be back, in a few weeks.

And then he left.

Sandy and I looked at each other and said: Worst decision of our LIVES.

As a side note - remember when the kids were disclosing all sorts of terrible physical abuse from their family? And we faithfully reported it all, and DSS never interviewed the kids about it? We asked our foster agency about that and the homefinder said in an aggravated tone, "Oh, they don't do interviews for PAST abuse! Only for NEW abuse! I know we covered that in class!" And I said no, in class you said they are interviewed whenever they disclose anything, no matter when it happened. I took notes.

So apparently I was right. Sometimes, anyway.

We have no idea where this is coming from, but I called our foster agency and it turns out A & E are not with that agency anymore. We'd gotten calls recently from a Saratoga County CVS saying that A's prescriptions were ready, so it's pretty clear they've moved to a new foster home. Or at least she has - I'm not sure if E is out of the psychiatric facility.

So Sandy's theory is the new foster parents are brand new, like us, and reporting anything they hear, like we did.

My theory is that the kids are about to be released for adoption -- they've been in foster care more than 2 years now -- and their grandmother is trying to make trouble, or at least stop us from adopting A, since she knows we once wanted to.

Or, possibly, the grandmother was hoping CPS would show up on this spurious complaint and see something terrible that would get KB taken away. She probably can't conceive of a family that could take care of a child well enough that, on a surprise visit, the child would be supervised and cared-for.

Who knows. Of course, our foster agency hasn't called us back.


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